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Exclusive Certified Residential Care

Fully Insured, Licensed, and Bonded

Phone: 928-255-1747

Fax: 928-255-1741

Our Team

Maya Royce, Owner

Email:  [email protected]

Holly Royce, Administrator

Email:  [email protected]

Danna Peterson, LPC, BHP - Clinical Director

Email: [email protected]

Sidney Parrish, Residential Manager

Email: [email protected]

Jamie Acton, BHT

Dakota Penrod, BHT
Emily Fontenot, BHT

Anthony Johnson, BHT

Dr. Sean L'Huillier, FNP-BC  / Physician
Dr. Rebecca Odede, PMNP-BC  / Psychiatrist


Human Resource Department

  Mrs. Morris 

 HR Manager 

  Phone: 928-255-1747     Fax: 928-255-1741 


                              Career Center

ECRC Employment Application

                   If you are interested in any future positions, please send us your resume by email, along with your signed application form to [email protected]​